About us

SecurityClearedJobs.com, part of SATOS Media, is a UK based job board designed and marketed to attract candidates who are Security Cleared or who meet the Security Clearance criteria and are looking for Permanent and Contract opportunities across a wide range of industry sectors.

We specialise in vacancies including the following National Security Vetting levels:

Developed Vetting or DV Jobs

Security Check or SC Jobs

Counter Terrorism Check or CTC Jobs

Accreditation Check or AC Jobs


We have an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment process gained by years of experience within the recruitment industry. We understand a candidate's requirement in searching for their next job opportunity within this niche sector.

We can assist employers and recruiters to reduce the time and cost involved in attracting the best individuals within a market place suffering from skills shortages. Security Clearance is not only required for military or government posts. Increasingly companies from all industry sectors including Nuclear, Aerospace, Construction, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Finance, Intelligence, IT and Security are competing to hire quality employees and consultants with Security Clearance.

By advertising job requirements with us an employer can gain access to and attract candidates who are actively looking for their next Permanent or Contract assignment and who meet their recruitment criteria.

Security Cleared Jobs hosts the Security Cleared EXPO which is the UK’s only dedicated recruitment event for candidates with security clearance. The EXPOs, held in London, Bristol & Manchester, have been created to give recruiters the opportunity to meet candidates who have been security cleared and are looking for their next career move.

The EXPOs attract over 1,500 candidates who are predominantly cleared to DV, SC, CTC, NPPV and NATO levels.

Security Cleared Jobs also hosts the Police Resettlement EXPO. These are one-day recruitment events, held in London & Manchester, to assist people who have either left, or who are looking to find a new career outside the police force. The EXPOs provide the opportunity for recruiters to meet potential candidates with valuable transferrable skills.