Events And Partners Events 

19th - 20th November 2015


Unmanned Aerial Systems

4th November 2015

Security Cleared Expo - London 2015


20th - 21st October 2015

NSR Conference

The National Security & Resilience Conference, hosted by the National Security & Resilience Consortium (NS&RC), for government departments, corporations and industry, enable you identify the future threats to your organisation and help you strategise and plan for your business security and resilience.

National Security & Resilience Conference

22nd -23rd September 2015



MilSatCom - Latin America


15th - 18th September 2015

DSEI - London


21st - 22nd April 2015

Counter Terror Expo - London


16th April 2015

Security Cleared Expo - Bristol 2015


10th - 12th March 2015

Security & Policing - Hampshire



Services Directory



Company:      Defence Business Services National Security Vetting (DBS NSV)


Services:         The DBS NSV’s task is to carry out national security checks, through a process called "National Security vetting". This Government department vets people in the Armed Forces, MOD civil service, defence contractors, and certain other government departments and private organisations that operate in secured facilities or handle secure information.

Company:      FCO Vetting Services


Services:         We can provide peace of mind in your hiring decisions and aftercare reviews. As one of the authorised suppliers of specialist vetting services to government, we've fifty years of vetting expertise.

Company:      IT Jobs Watch


Services:         Provides a map of the UK IT Job market, identifying the level of demand for particular IT skills with a guide to the average salary and contractor rates offered.